Monday, May 18, 2015


I like movies, and I like talking about movies.  To an extent, I think that's the point of movies.  But as much as film fascinates me, I've never received any substantial film education.  Thankfully, I was born in the internet era and could at least try to pursue film knowledge.

Out of everything I came across looking for insight into how film works and why we have them, I always found it more interesting to discuss the mechanics of a film rather than debate over whether a particular film was "good" or "bad."  I also found that in general, people who are fans of a film have much more interesting things to say about it than people who aren't.

I wouldn't call my own writing about films "reviews."  A review is meant to evaluate a film in a way intended to tell other people whether they would enjoy it.  I can see how trying to write reviews would have value, particularly in that it encourages the writer to look for positive aspects of a film, but most of what I've written doesn't focus so much on deciding whether a movie is worth watching and for whom, but on all parts of movies and how they're trying to get the emotions and ideas embedded in them across.  You could say that what I write is closer to "analysis" than "review", but because of my lack of formal experience studying film, and because of the brevity I tend to favor over what might be a greater amount of substance, I prefer not to use a word as weighty as "analysis."

My movie posts are probably best described as "overviews."  I try to analyze them as well as I can and generally write for people who have already seen the movies I want to talk about, though I try not to spoil anything too crucial in case people who haven't want to read.

I subscribe to Jim Emerson's belief that movies are like hamburgers; you can discuss the individual parts of a movie the way you can discuss the patty, the bun, or the condiments, but at the end of the day all the different pieces can't be divorced from each other without losing the definition of the whole.  Every aspect of a film's production carries ideas, and ideally those ideas compliment each other.  That's what I hope to get at when I discuss films.

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